Bulgaria: measures against the spread of Covid-19:

As of 00.00 a.m. on 18 March 2020, persons arriving from China, Iran, Bangladesh, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Spain, Italy, South Korea, North Korea, the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland are prohibited from entering the territory of Bulgaria. This does not apply for: Bulgarian nationals, the members of their families, persons granted permanent and long-term residence in the Republic of Bulgaria and the members of their families.
The prohibition was imposed with Order No. РД-01-127/16 March 2020 of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria and shall remain in force until its explicit cancellation.

In addition, all Bulgarian nationals, all persons granted permanent, long-term or continuous residence in Bulgaria and the members of their families, arriving from the mentioned countries shall remain in mandatory 14-day quarantine after their arrival. Some exceptions are provided in regard to international transport services. The measure was imposed with Order of the Minister of Health РД-01-130/17 March 2020

The entry in (passing through) the territory of Bulgaria of heavy-duty vehicles arriving from Iran was prohibited with Order No. РД-01-133/18.03.2020 г. of the Minister of Health.

The aforementioned orders of the Minister of Health are available here http://www.mh.government.bg/bg/normativni-aktove/zapovedi-pravilnitsi-instruktsii/

We recommend you to follow the website of the Ministry of Health and the official websites of Bulgarian institutions for full and up-to-date information on the measures implemented in Bulgaria against Covid-19.

This publication does not represent legal advice!

Notice regarding Covid-19 situation:

Owing to the outbreak of Covid-19, Bulgaria declared state of emergency for the period 13 March – 13 May 2020.

For compliance with sanitary and preventive measures advised by national health authorities, during the state of emergency, all meetings in the office are suspended and new meetings will not be organised.

Despite this, I remain available to assist you with legal matters.

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